A more modern order, The Star of Ethiopia was founded by King Menelik of Ethiopia in 1874.

Star of Ethiopia

Star of Ethiopia Breast Star

I made this replica for "Keep the Faith, Baby", a Showtime original movie about the life of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The movie stars Hary Lennix as Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Vanessa Williams as his wife, Hazel Scott. Adam Clayton Powell, was the first African-American congressman from the state of New York. Rep. Powell was made a member of the Order by Emperor Haile Selassie. The replica is gilt bronze filigree and measures approximately 2.75 inches (74 mm) tall

Replica Ethiopian Star $75.00


Star of Ethiopia Knight’s Medal

The Chevalier/Knight’s medal for the Ethiopian Order of the Star. These are sold as a set including the full size medal and the miniature medal. The full size medal measures 2.83 inches (72mm). Note: The measurement does not include the ribbon. The medals are cast in bronze and gilded in 24k gold. The ribbons both have pinbacks.

Knight’s Medal Set $50.00

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