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The finest jeweler’s handmade awards and regalia for knightly orders. These are not cheap white metal. Each piece is cast in bronze or sterling silver. The item is then plated in bright nickel and, for gold colored items, plated in real 24k gold. Each is hand enameled using a modern epoxy enamel. In addition to the bespoke regalia we also make replicas of historical regalia for theatrical and recreation use.

We also produce unique period and modern Jewelry. You can see more of our unique creations on the Unique Jewelry and Regalia Facebook page

We hand-make the commissions as they are ordered. How long an order will take depends on the number of orders ahead of your order. Expect 2-4 weeks for most commissions.

Everything we make is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, return the item within two weeks for a full refund.



Insignia and Regalia for Royal and Knighly Orders


Period and Unique Jewelry


Custom/Bespoke Gallery

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